National Car Rental- Control Enthusiast campaign

National Car

For the new National Car Rental marketing campaign, we took a look at building an idea around the hallmarks of the National Car Rental brand: speed, choice, and control. Thus, the “Control Enthusiast” was created, who represents our target audience: the experienced business customer who knows what they want, and how to get from the airport to their car in the Emerald Aisle with minimal interruptions. We chose TV and movie star Patrick Warburton to be the face of the campaign, and created three television commercials featuring him both in and out of the office. We supplemented these television commercials with short online vignettes, “The Control Enthusiast’s Guide to Life,” which found the Control Enthusiast imparting his wisdom to viewers on a variety of topics. Lastly, we created social media content focused on content related to the Control Enthusiast, and worked alongside selected bloggers who wrote original content tying into the campaign. All of the social content was then housed on the Control Enthusiast Tumblr page.

I assisted the team with brainstorming the original concept, and helped to edit and write the script for the three television commercials. Additionally, I helped to brainstorm ideas and write the scripts for the short “Control Enthusiast’s Guide to Life” videos, along with creating all of the copy for the videos both on our website and social media channels. I worked closely with Mr. Warburton multiple times throughout the campaign, working alongside him for a “Control Enthusiast” Twitter chat and incorporating his ideas and suggestions. Lastly, I brainstormed ideas and wrote all copy for the Control Enthusiast-themed social content that we ran throughout the year on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, and Tumblr.

The campaign was a massive success for National Car Rental, winning new fans and receiving national media coverage. The campaign has been continued since I left National Car Rental, and is now on its third year.

Media coverage:
Adweek, Brand of the Day


Yahoo Finance


The Control Enthusiast’s Guide to Life homepage

The National Control Enthusiast’s Guide to Life short videos (Youtube)

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