Cybersecurity Audit Buyer’s Guide

Our sales team was losing leads to a competitor who was undercutting on price and claiming A-LIGN’s feature-rich services were unnecessary. In response, this piece was commissioned to combat misinformation and position A-LIGN as a quality compliance firm that outperforms its competitors.

Originally requested by the executive team to be direct in its approach, I decided to reposition it as a more of a thought leadership piece that acted as a friendly guide. Working with the sales team, I determined what specific pain points needed to be addressed and fashioned a checklist of qualities to look for in a compliance firm and accessor – qualities that A-LIGN possesses. While we used this as a promotional piece for A-LIGN, it also served as an educational piece – the reader can take this information to decide on a compliance firm, even if it’s not A-LIGN.

Of note is the interactive checklist element on the final page, which was used as springboard for more interactive content on our premium content going forward.

This piece proved to be a huge hit with the sales team and has been leveraged in early client conversations and at trade shows.

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