” In our case we look for the 7 Non Negotiable traits of Belief, Loyalty, Respect, Commitment, Trust, Courage and Gratitude. From all indications, Stephen possesses these attributes in spades. He is sure be a credit to the public relations industry he is passionate about.”

David K. Williams, Entrepreneur, author, CEO of Fishbowl and writer for HBR and Forbes.

“The doctors and staff were thrilled when Steve stepped in as the Director of Marketing & Public Relations for the practice. His superior knowledge of social media and creativity with marketing have truly taken the office to the next level. He understands the importance of good Public Relations and utilizes social media to promote the qualities that set our office apart.”

Lauren Fryman, Patient Services at Iverson Tomasino Goerss Eyecare

“Stephen is a sharp, friendly, hard worker. He picked up information very quickly and has a good eye for detail and promotion. I recommend his services!”

Jonathan Bartolomeo, Business Systems Administrator at Sevenstar Academy (previously worked with at Iverson Tomasino Goerss)

“Watching Stephen grow has been an honor. From a talented young man looking for a purpose (in high school) to the professional he has become, Stephen amazes me. It was a pleasure helping him develop his intelligence and talents when he was my student. It’s been a blessing getting to monitor, and even advise from time-to-time, his maturity into a young man. Stephen’s passion, determination, and wit bond with his intelligence and devotion, making him into a sharp professional.”

Rick Gunnarson, former professor


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