The ISO 27001 Certification Process

The ISO 27001 whitepaper was created shortly after I started at A-LIGN, and outlines what the ISO 27001 audit is, the benefits, what the process looks like and more. It was born after a morning of me searching through the website terms and noticing that while people weren’t searching for the ISO 27001 by name, they were searching for the individual elements that composed it. Further research showed that we hadn’t created content around this audit in a while, so the demand was clearly not being met.

These assets, along with other key content pieces, were responsible for generating over $1.3 million in revenue for A-LIGN in 2019. The ISO 27001 whitepaper provided sales leads that resulted in $300,000 in revenue in that year, and became the most downloaded piece of content in A-LIGN’s history.

The ISO 27001 Certification Process quickly became our best-performing piece of content in A-LIGN’s history, becoming the most downloaded piece in less than two months. Today it has been downloaded thousands of times, generating over $300,000 in sales and playing an integral part in the A-LIGN’s 2019 content that produced more than $1.3 million in revenue. The template has been utilized and adapted to fit other assessments, resulting in similar success stories.

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