Pepose Answers Marketing Campaign

 (Pepose Vision Institute)

Summary: In the summer of 2011, I was told by the doctors that our number of Lasik surgeries performed had fallen over the previous year. After talking to the staff in Lasik consultations, I discovered that many patients, after receiving the surgery, remarked that they would have done it sooner had they known how painless it was. It was becoming apparent that our patients had misinformation and preconceived notions about the surgery, which may have been holding them back.  We decided to solve this with a proactive approach, through an online campaign called “Pepose Answers”.  Through the campaign, we set up an online event where prospective patients could log in and ask Dr. Pepose their questions about Lasik. Dr. Pepose would answer all of their questions publicly, and in real time.  The marketing plan that I drew up for this campaign included social media, television commercials, and radio.

After setting up the event and date, we created a website and promoted it heavily across our social media channels.  Next, we arranged for Dr. Pepose to appear on a local talk radio show and wrote content for him to discuss. Finally, we were able to secure a budget for a television commercial to promote the event.  I wrote the script, we selected employees to be actors (including me), and we rented high-definition cameras and lighting equipment.  The commercials, which aired for a month on local Charter cable, can be seen here and here.

My duties: I brainstormed and co-created the campaign with the doctors and Lasik consultation staff, wrote the script for the commercial, promoted it across our social media platforms through original chunky content, acted in the commercial, and was present during the event to help facilitate the process.

Results: The campaign was originally supposed to end by 9 p.m., but so many patients logged on that we were live until 9:45.  As a result, quarterly Lasik surgeries for Pepose Vision Institute were triple its goal.

This is one of the commercials that I wrote, and helped shoot for the “Pepose Answers” campaign at Pepose Vision Institute. I also helped to star in it- I’m the guy in the red dress shirt! The commercial was featured locally on several Charter cable channels during summer 2011.

A second commercial that we filmed:

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